Epic Toy Store… The Right Choice for Toys!


REVIEW: How do you usually find out about the toy products you buy? Sure, maybe sometimes you’ll simply come across something at a store, or maybe you’ll hear about something from a friend. But most  times it’s from an commercial on television your child bugs you about. lol

Now you can buy those very toys your kids wants right here online. No lines, No fighting for a parking spaces, and best of all no crying kids. Save your gas and your sanity fighting traffic.You can shop from the comfort of your own home. You can purchase Cute and Awesome kid’s toys, From educational to just for fun they have it all!  Let’s face it what to buy your kids can get over whelming, with thoughts of safety and durability.  They grow so fast so buying a toy that can transition seems to be your best bet.   It can be a daunting task but Epic Kids Toys is here to help!


PARENTS: This Toy online store is dedicated to bringing you innovative and affordable toy products for your kids. Toys and games that your children will love playing with. You can hand pick from their extensive (and growing) range of toys, games and more that aim to please. Your kids will want to test them all!


In addition to providing great products for your children, they have a strong commitment to product quality and customer service. You’ll look forward to buying  providing your kids with a “fun start” to life!


– A Huge selection of Toys
– Easy Navigation
– Update via email


– Website seems a bit dated, but it offers everything needed to complete the sale!

We give it  4.5 out of  5 lollipops due to website being dated .  photo lilpop_zpsc124ef52.png photo lilpop_zpsc124ef52.png photo lilpop_zpsc124ef52.png photo lilpop_zpsc124ef52.png photo lilpop_zpsc124ef52.png

Your child will love shopping here!

Visit and start shopping now By visitingEpicKidsToys.com

Baby Skills App: With You Every Step Of The Way!


Baby Skills App Review

Baby Skills is an app for parents with young kids, available on both iTunes and Google Play. It helps them track their baby’s progress over time, and can be used as a way of preserving memories. The app is targeted at kids aged up to five years old and caters to any type of family. Every child is unique and grows differently, and because of this, Baby Skills is very flexible and can be tweaked to suit the needs of the individual. The app comes with a host of useful features, and its primary goal is to help map every child’s growth.


Parents can track hundreds of skills inside the app, all sorted into logical categories such as physical, personal, literacy, and numeracy. The app is useful as a tool throughout a child’s developmental process and can be matched against checklists and books in order to assist parents in measuring how far their kids have come.

Aside from the skills tracking system, the app sports a journal component and news feed. The journal can be used as a way of preserving memories through pictures and notes. In this way, parents will be able to go back and look at moments they had with their kids even as time goes on. The news feed allows them to share their memories and progress with friends and family in a secure way and will keep all relevant people in the loop about the kids.

Straight-forward to Use

Baby Skills has a simple layout and is very easy to incorporate into the daily life of a family. It achieves what it sets out to do, and manages to keep the parents and their kids as the focal point throughout. The developmental progress of any child is unique and exciting, and Baby Skills helps parents record it in the best way possible.

The skill tracker is one of a kind in its usability and logical setup. The app is designed to follow the child, not the reverse—and parents will benefit from this. Through being able to set up the app to their wishes, they will find it more natural to use it on a daily basis and can reap the rewards as their kids grow older.

image3 image2 image1


As a developmental tool, the app is mostly for record keeping and preservation of moments—however, it will significantly shorten the process of ensuring that one’s kids develop at a satisfactory pace. And when they grow older, it will be enjoyable for both parents and children to look back and reminisce about fond memories.

iTunes – https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/baby-skills/id1081821206
Google Play – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.babyskills.app

The Little Hero : A story of Courage…

Over View: The Book The Little Hero. This Book is a story of Mays finding he has what it takes to be a hero.The Little Hero by [DESTRA,RONALD]

Our Reviewer is  Layla age 6 using an  Acer Laptop  by download via direct link.

REVIEW: As Mom I downloadedthe story and read prior to introducing it to the reviewer Layla. I  started by reading this loving story in it’s entirety to insure it would be age appropriate.  Reviewer Layla read the story in about 20~30 minutes. This story was awesome and it teaches inner strength and values. Layla  was very concerned for the little boy May’s mom and dad. She asked right away why his dad and mom didn’t ask a fire fighter for a free detector? she says:” mom doesn’t he know the fire house has them for free”? This was something that was covered at her school during fire awareness week. She asked could she write him so he would know. Of course I had to let her know it was only a story but it was a good though..  She also asked why they all went into the smoke filled room when they could have easily left the house and asked a neighbor to call.  She said “He must have not had a fire safety assembly in his school”.  I said maybe not but his mom taught him 911 and she said Yup and he used it and saved the day! I was so proud of her asking these awesome questions as it showed she listened to the talks we had, to the fire fighters instructions and that she knows what to do in case of a fire. She said “mom I’m a hero too because I know what to do and what not to do if ever a fire”. I said your my little hero because your a  good listener. She most definitely payed attention and listened. This book is great for introducing a fire safety discussion in the home or even in a school setting. It’s even a great way to make sure your child is retaining information about fire safety and what to do. I was very pleasantly surprised with her fire safety knowledge and it made me really excited to know that my Tax dollars here in New Jersey were not wasted..lol

PARENTS: Be sure to be ready for questions or have questions for your child. Definitely a a story to get the juices flowing on safety, what to do, brush up on when to call 911 or get help. We  Highly recommend this Book and encourage you todownload this E-Book. It’s an awesome story for the whole family!


  • ① First, you need to download Book a cost of $4.99
  • It will be in the form of a .PDF

Recommend Before Playing

  • Red ahead and have questions & Answers: ( Trust me! You will want to know what your child knows about fire saftey)!
  • A nice comfy place to sit
  • Paper to write down escape plan, what to do if they dont know
  • A huge kiss for the ending.

We give it  5 out of  5 lollipops  .  photo lilpop_zpsc124ef52.png photo lilpop_zpsc124ef52.png photo lilpop_zpsc124ef52.png photo lilpop_zpsc124ef52.png photo lilpop_zpsc124ef52.png

The whole family can read and love this book!

To download this app  do so By Clicking Here

Best Friends An Extraordinary Bond For Life

Over View: The Book Best Friends. This  Book is a heart felt insight of two friends who form an incredible friendship.


Our Reviewer is  Kailey age 10 using an  Acer Laptop  by download via direct link.

REVIEW: As Mom I downloaded the story and read prior to introducing it to the reviewer Kailey. I  started by reading this loving story in it’s entirety to insure it would be age appropriate.  Reviewer Kailey read the story in about 45~60 minutes, Could have been shorter but she was so into the book she asked questions while reading. She had really enjoyed it and wanted to know more about what the character disability was. This was hard to answer as this was not provided but, I explained what was provided in the book. She was happy he had made a best friend while sick and asked many direct questions. Such as : How long were they in the hospital? ,  Can you be friends with someone after they die?, How old is the one alive now? , and last but not least will they be friends in heaven? She asked great questions and really enjoyed this book. She asked that I print it out as she wanted to share with her Best friend Alyssa at school at lunch. Apparently it was a hit at the lunch table and her teacher Mrs. Bergess is looking to add it to the read list as it gets kids to ask great questions and shows the importance of great friendships.

PARENTS: Be sure to be ready for questions. Definitely a heart warming story and will get your child to engage in thoughts of friendship, Health, time and death. We  Highly recommend this Book and encourage you to download this E-Book. It’s a great story for the whole family!


  • ① First, you need to download Book a cost of $9.99
  • It will be in the form of a .PDF

Recommend Before Playing

  • Limit Distrations ( Trust me! Your child will have millions of questions Be prepared) lol
  • A nice comfy place to sit
  • Paper to write down thoughts
  • A huge hug for the ending

We give it  5 out of  5 lollipops  .  photo lilpop_zpsc124ef52.png photo lilpop_zpsc124ef52.png photo lilpop_zpsc124ef52.png photo lilpop_zpsc124ef52.png photo lilpop_zpsc124ef52.png

The whole family can read and love this book!

To download this app  do so By Clicking Here

MY4FACES Enter King Red Kids APP Is Pure Fun For The Whole Family!

Over View: My4Faces Enter King Red Kids APP. This  App can turn into family fun in a blink of an eye. Easy to use and Fun to play. This game will challenge your brain and will test your skills.

iPhone Screenshot 1 iPhone Screenshot 2

Our Reviewers are The entire Family: Mom 41, Dad 52, Collin Age 3 , Layla age 6,  Kailey 10,  Aaliyah 13 and Gerri 14 using  Ipad Mini’s , Iphone 6 Plus and Iphone 6s by dowloading App via direct link to MY4FACES Enter King Red.

REVIEW: As Mom I downloaded the app and  pulled up MY4FACES game to see if indeed family friendly. I  started by reading the monologue that starts at the beginning to get the idea of what the game was about and figure out how to play. Before long I’m playing and I’m in it to win it.. Really you start off like this is easy but then it gets crazy with the dropping red aliens. The more they drop the faster they get. You have to complete the level to go to the next board.. And this is what you want.. You want to go to Paris! I know I did. Well before long here come 3 year old Collin with his tablet all the while trying to get my phone. So naturally I download the app to see if he can play.. Guess what He can, and most import he loves it too! Of course as he goes a long it gets harder. Naturally he dies but he just plays again.  This game brought in the family fun with seeing who can get the highest scores, who can get to the next board and who can stay perfect with no hits. Being the competitive family we are we played for an entire hour before realizing things that we had to do. Even though I think they were trying to get out of doing chores. lol From Ages 3 to 52 this family loves this game. Nothing but positive things to say across the board. This app will stay on all devices and is now a part of family fun day. A great way to get your teens engaging with the family and having fun. Teens seem to hate anything that includes family and siblings but believe it or not this game made our maditory family time fun with no complaints.. And this is hard to do!!!

PARENTS: My4Faces Enter King Red Kids APP is the ultimate family fun . Funny and cute it’s story line in the beginning. The kids love to kill the red monsters and that the whole family can do it , If I were to be nitpicky to find a “complaint” I would recommend make skill levels so it is a bit more challenging but over all it’s a cool and neat game. Who doesn’t like family fun and sibling togetherness…  This is a very age appropriate theme, very colorful, musical and sure to bring many smiles and giggles to you and  your child’s face. Be prepared to to play for at least 30min+  as you want to get all levels and get to the new locations. We  Highly recommend this game and encourage you to download this awesome app. It’s fun for the whole family!


  • ① First, you need to download our game from Play Store and install it in your smartphone or tablet for Free!
  • ② Once you launch the game on your phone, you can tap the screen to start it. Then you will be able to see Rio, he’s inside a cage in a realistic and awesome environment. After this, there is some King Reds who are going to kill Rio, don’t let them, to that you must stop them by tapping the screen. It’s very easy to control our emotions game!
  • ③ You need to stop as many King Reds who are coming from the top, you need also to be fast and stop as many as you can at the same time without letting them hit and kill Rio.
  • ④ Don’t let them kill Rio in this amazing and addictive emotions game, the game will ends and you will loose. But, even if you loose, don’t give up. Try again and you’ll do it without problems!

Recommend Before Playing

  • Limit Distrations ( Trust me! You will have a fit if you have to stop and start all over) lol
  • A nice comfy place to sit
  • Paper to keep everyone’s score
  • Go over the prize for the winner if playing as a family game.

We give it  5 out of  5 lollipops  .  photo lilpop_zpsc124ef52.png photo lilpop_zpsc124ef52.png photo lilpop_zpsc124ef52.png photo lilpop_zpsc124ef52.png photo lilpop_zpsc124ef52.png

The whole family has downloaded the app and it’s in our top 10 list of fun apps!

To download this app  do so By Clicking Here

Having Magical Fun with Twins Town Fun

Over View:Twins Fun Town You Tube Channel. This  kids channel shows all the fun things that can happen with siblings and family. Kids having fun! View one of their cute videos below.


Our Reviewers are Collin Age 3  and Layla age 6 using an Ipad Mini with Youtube App with direct link to Fun Town.

REVIEW: As Collin click on his youtube app and  pulled up Fun town. He and Layla  started to click on the videos they were so excited to see kids having fun and most importantly with their siblings.  Both were very excited about the rides, and the laughs and giggles of the children. Collin absolutely loved the colors, rides and music. So much so many videos were played over and over again much to Layla’s dislike. (lol)  This and all the video are very kid friendly and shows rides, sibling fun, crafts , activities and going back to school supplies fun. The videos have cutesy music fit for ages 0 up to 6 or 7 but it makes the videos fun. If the music were changed or removed the kids wouldn’t be as interested. I know because I tried to turn the sound off and Both Collin and Layla became very upset. So the music stays! They like when Kids were laughing and riding the rides! I think kids loves to see others kids having fun , their smile immediately made them smile and laugh. I think laughter is contagious and these videos proves it.  Many of the videos were geared to games and fun which the 2 interviewers did not mind at all. Their now fans and subscribers to the channel. As their parent it was great to see them laughing and smiling and giggling together.  The Channel was entertaining to them and has been saved in the list of go to videos. For fun at home: How to make slime is First on the MUST  list to do for my daughter Layla this coming weekend.

PARENTS: Twins Fun Town is the ultimate sibling fun and very family driven in it’s story line. The kids love the train and rides it was very entertaining! , If I were to be nitpicky to find a “complaint” There were none. Who doesn’t like family fun and sibling togetherness… My older children hated the music and togetherness but what 13 & 14 year olds like anything….  This is a very age appropriate theme, very colorful, musical and sure to bring many smiles and gigles to your child’s face. Be prepared to say you will take them to the rides as you will be asked 20 times to ride the train. My son kept trying to put his sister on his toy Thomas train. Its a ride toy however his sister hates it..lol Over all I would Highly recommend this channel. Definitely a sure fire way to get the kids hugging,  and a great way to get the imagination juices flowing .Subscribe to their channel  today!

Videos include:

  • Electric Bumper Cars Games
  • Wow, Very nice Mini Train tour with a train has a lovely elephant head ( Collin & Layla’s Favorite)
  • Twins first jump in the swimming pool, very nice
  • Twins Back to school | First time experience ( They were so excited about this one)
  • For Fun at home: How to make a very good Slime 
  • Playing Bumper Cars
  • Play and Learn with Playdough Modelling Clay,Have Fun & make this nice rose and bear
  • 4 colors HULA HOOP, Very cute (Layla is the champion at this now!)Lol
  • Twins Collect balls by Monster Toy Excavator Truck (Collin watched this over and over much to Layla’s Delight)
  • There are more videos and something for everyone. Click Here to see them ALL!

Recommend Items Before Viewing

  • Playdough  ( Trust me GET IT ,I had to run to the $1 Store in a hurry full blown crying from both) lol
  • Hoola Hoop
  • Crafts to make paper cat
  • Finger Paint  (In My case I used Flour and Food Coloring)

We give it  5 out of  5 lollipops  .  photo lilpop_zpsc124ef52.png photo lilpop_zpsc124ef52.png photo lilpop_zpsc124ef52.png photo lilpop_zpsc124ef52.png photo lilpop_zpsc124ef52.png

Collin & Layla loved the videos and are now subscribers and Fans!

To visit this awesome kids youtube channel  do so By Clicking Here

At Last, The Secret To Drawing Is Revealed with Drawing With Maya!

Over View: Drawing With Maya You Tube Channel. This is a kids channel showing your child how to draw and make awesome things. For kids by a kid! View one of her awesome videos below.

Our Reviewers are Kailey Age 10 and Layla age 6 using an Acer Laptop with  Microsoft Windows 10 Operating system.

REVIEW: As Kailey and Laya  started to click on the video they were so excited to see someone like them teaching. Both were very excited and had to get their drawing materials and restart the video 1 How to draw Judy Hopps. This and all the video are very kid friendly and shows step by step instructions to your child on how to draw. Has music ,  and the instructor Maya makes it fun. They like when she talks to everyone and shows the finish art they really enjoy it! Many of the videos were geared to drawing which the 2 interviewers did not mind and now are up and coming artist and fans. As their parent it was great to see them doing something other than playing a game.  The Channel was entertaining to them and their excited to be able to acually draw characters they love from T.V.  So much so I had to buy them sketch books and 75 count color pencils ..lol

PARENTS:  Drawing with Maya is pretty seamless in its story line and very entertaining! , If I were to be nitpicky to find a “complaint” There were none. This is a very age appropriate theme, sure to bring many smiles to your child’s face. Best of all their doing something other than social media and games. When viewing the video it is both entertaining and Maya is absolutely adorable and her drawings are amazing . Over all I would Highly recommend this channel. Subscribe to her channel  today to have your child filled with excitement and find their inner creativity!

Videos include:

  • How to draw Judy Hopps
  • Maya Shows How to Make a Sand Turtle
  • How to Draw The Secret Life Of Pets
  • Maya Shows How to Draw Dori from Finding Nemo
  • Maya shows how to draw snoopy
  • Maya explains wasp, Bee and Bumble Bee
  • Maya shows how to draw lightening McQueen
  • Drawing Maya The Bee
  • Drawing My Lilttle Pony ( The girls Favorite)!

Recommend Items Before Viewing

  • Sketch Book or Pad  ( Trust me or your computer paper will vanish) lol
  • Color pencils , Crayons or Markers
  • At least 3-4 Pencils ( or keep a sharpener handy) 
  • Make a space on the refrigerator (They have to display their work of art)!

We give it  5 out of  5 lollipops  .  photo lilpop_zpsc124ef52.png photo lilpop_zpsc124ef52.png photo lilpop_zpsc124ef52.png photo lilpop_zpsc124ef52.png photo lilpop_zpsc124ef52.png

The girls loved it and are now subscribers

To visit this awesome kids youtube channel  do so By Clicking Here

Party Planner For Kids Your Life Saver…

Over View: Party Planner For Kids Website. This is a kids event planning service located in Mission Viejo, California.


Our Reviewer is Kailey Age 9 using an Acer Laptop with  Microsoft Windows 10 Operating system

REVIEW: As Kailey started on the website she became excited. The website is very kids friendly. Has music , colorful and plenty of pictures for kids to look at. Choices and features are brightly colored with fun themes and pictures to introduce her to the different choices she could have at her party. The website responds well,  and she really enjoyed it. She navigated the website a fair amount  time ( Approx 5 min). I think it was until all pages available were view.  She liked the music when she first viewed the website, however as she navigated back and forth she began to not like it as much and asked how to turn it off.

PARENTS:  Party Planner for Kids Website is pretty seamless in its functionality, so if I were to be nitpicky to find a “complaint” for the developer, it would have to be the music should play once or a parent should have the option to cut the music off, while reading ect.. It becomes annoying and it make you want to exit the site quickly. When viewing the site it is well put together and the montage of pictures gets you excited and  willing to choose them to plan your next event. Over all I would recommend their services. Contact them today to have your fantastic kids event planned with creativity!

Features include:

  • Princess Theme/ Fairy Tale Theme
  • Superheroes Theme- Batman/Superman
  • Ice Skating/ Beach Party- Waivers Required

Our crafts are as listed

  • Jewelry Box w/ paint and embellishments
  • Clay Pottery- w paint and embellishments
  • Hand Prints Friendship Bracelets
  • Nail Painting- Washable kid safe paint
  • Face Painting- w/ paint and designt
  • Seasonal Crafts- Easter-Halloween- Christmas-Hanukkah
    All Paints are non toxic which is terrific!

We give it  4 out of  5 lollipops due to website music.  photo lilpop_zpsc124ef52.png photo lilpop_zpsc124ef52.png photo lilpop_zpsc124ef52.png photo lilpop_zpsc124ef52.png

To visit this awesome website do so By Clicking Here






Crest Noticeably White Whitestrips Dental Whitening Kit Review.

Ok, So my 13 year old came to me wanting to whiten her teeth. Why would a 13 year old want to whiten her teeth I asked? First thing that comes to mind “A Boy”.  I asked her why with all the sudden change? Here’s how it went Oh God mom I want to improve my appearance that’s it. I knew for sure now it was a boy…lol . Anyway I was hesitant in going with any whitening kits so we started with baking soda . This worked but it was not the results she wanted.  I would say maybe a shade and a half  lighter than before.  She was happy but the results were minimal.

I set out on a mission to find the healthiest and best product suitable for a growing tween.  Since the Baking soda didn’t get the results she wanted , I researched and  I figured  in order to successfully have these white teeth she wanted.  Crest’s Noticeably White Whitestrips was the way to Go.  BUT, before she began using these strips on the regular, I wanted to see just how safe they were.

When I researched these whitening strips, which claim to “whiten your teeth within 14 days,” I found that they were enamel safe and not to be overused. So we headed out to the nearby Target. Boy was she excited. All her friends were like OMG if it works I’m asking my mom to get me some.  Ok we found it and I purchased for $18.99 plus tax. I found that to be reasonable, I was just hoping it worked, Like who wants to waste money.

Ok so she started using the strips every night before bed. She said it was pretty easy and not messy at all. I used Rembrandt before myself and let’s just say messy, and the taste absolutely awful.. Ok after 14 days there is no sensitivity issues and they look absolutely awesome. So much so Mommy is now using it.


– Not messy
– Easy to use
– Short term use and no damage


– None

We give it 5 out of 5 lollipops. photo lilpop_zpsc124ef52.png  photo lilpop_zpsc124ef52.png photo lilpop_zpsc124ef52.png photo lilpop_zpsc124ef52.png photo lilpop_zpsc124ef52.png  This product did exactly as it said it would and did not harm enamel on the teeth. Nor did it give sensitivity issues . We highly recommend you try it for yourself.

To your box  By: Clicking Here

FYI: this review was not endorsed by crest and we were not influenced in anyway.

Rose Racer Game is Awesome!

Rose Racer

A mash-up between the best of Toy Story and Mario Kart, Rose Racer brings fun and exciting racing while also giving you lovable characters and their stories!

Have you ever wondered what happens to a house left quiet all day long; where toys, toy cars and race tracks are left unattended? You’ll find the answer with Rose Racer!

Easy to use help and navigation controls allow you to control your car in different settings.

Rose Racer is a kart racing game for the PC, being developed by Nacelle Games, LLC.

It seems to have been inspired by the classic kart racing games of the 1990’s like Super Mario Kart and Crash Team Racing; games everyone in the late 80’s through 90’s grew up playing. This seems to be an awesome game fun for the whole family.

Game Play and Features:

There is a Story Mode in this racing game!

At its core, Rose Racer is more than a multiplayer racing game. We want players to be able to explore the world of Rose and her friends, and get to know the characters they’ll be racing with. So we decided to make a Story Mode for Rose Racer.

You and your friends will be able to play through 6 unique stories, each starring a different character, each hand drawn, and each taking place over a series of races across the 6 race tracks that will be in the game. Plus, every character’s story will be fully voiced by a very talented cast of voice actors.

Rose Racer will feature 6 race tracks. The first, called The Kitchen, can be seen in the in-engine screenshot above, and is available to play in the Pre-Alpha Demo.

Since Rose and her Friends love to race all around their house, they’ve turned each room into its own race track! Here’s a brief description of each race track you’ll encounter:

  • The Backyard – An outdoor track with plenty of surprises.
  • Family Room – Everyone feels right at home among all the kid’s toys.
  • The Abyss – The one place no toy wants to go; under the bed…
  • Tommy’s Room – Ben’s kid’s room. He doesn’t pick up his toys, so there’s plenty of obstacles while racing.
  • Emma’s Room – Rose’s kid’s room. Although not as messy as Tommy’s Room, it presents its own unique challenges.


Experience and Design:

Rose Racer has 6 characters, each with a unique story in Story Mode, and each character has their own individual cars that fit their style and back story.


Rose is a spunky young girl with heart who will do anything to help her friends. She is a total tomboy, and has the reputation of being the fastest racer in the house. She thrives on competition and dares anyone to challenge her to a race!


Ben is so in love with racing, he declares himself “King of the Track” and lets everyone know it when he wins a race. Ben loves cars, and especially loves racing! He is always the first to challenge Rose to a race. As Rose’s brother, Ben loves to get on her nerves which makes for some very interesting situations.


Kitty has always loved to race, but she must have her lucky goggles before she will get anywhere near the race track. Kitty may be easily scared if startled during a cat nap or when Jack blows a fuse at her antics, but on the track, she puts the petal to the metal as she blasts through to the finish line!


Raven is never short on a story to tell about ‘the old days’ of how he used to be a stray dog, having to search for food and always be ready to fight for the most comfy spot to sleep. He is a tough old dog, never backing down and always on guard to alert everyone if the family is about to return home! When he hears the family coming, he is the first to warn the others by calling out, “Go Stuffed!” Watch out for him on the track, he can fight dirty and loves to try to run others off the road!


Maria is a fashionista with a knack for racing. She knows how to spruce up the track by leaving others in her dust. She tries to keep the other racers in line, and makes sure they’re all taken care of. Maria always has a makeup bag with her just in case, as well as a second outfit…because you never know what can happen!


Jack is a former army soldier with a secret from his past. His big secret will be revealed in his story mode in the full version of the game. Jack knows how to avoid obstacles and is always looking for ways to show off his strength. He is very disciplined, and gets angry at others who want to be lazy or run scared (like Kitty).

Overall, the look and feel is awesome and it will surely provide hours of Fun and entertainment for your child.

**Key Features**
1. Hand eye coordination
2. Loads of entertaining fun
3. Age appropriate no violence
4. (6) race tracks and many Characters
5. Battle Mode ( Allows Multiple Players)


– Different Themes and easy to use
– Great sound features and Graphics for keeping your child engaged.
– Contents are fun and kids get a kick out of it


– Platform is unknown Although you may download the game, we were only able to do so on Windows 8 PC  and even then it is in demo mode. If The demo is great!, Just wait till the acual game comes out.

Parents: This game is a great for your child or pre-teen. It will also help with hand and eye coordination and will keep them laughing for hours .

We give it 3.5 out of 5 lollipops.  photo lilpop_zpsc124ef52.png photo lilpop_zpsc124ef52.png photo lilpop_zpsc124ef52.png photo lilpop_zpsc124ef52.png Only because it’s a demo and the difficulty in downloading the game. We highly recommend you try it for yourself.

To get this awesome game Down Load if Free By: Clicking Here